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Intro Flight - Pacific offers

30 minute introduction to flying the airplane. You do everything from start-up, to taking off, to maneuvering the airplane during flight, to being assisted by an instructor with the landing. These are a great gift, and also a great beginning to a potential new hobby or career. These flights cost $79 and if you want to bring an extra passenger it's an additional $15
  • How to Start- Schedule a free consultation, prove citizenship and get TSA approval.
  • Pick the training / license you need- Talk to an instructor or pick from the list just below.
  • Pick your aircraft- Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Cessna 182.
  • Meet our training staff
Student Pilot
Recreational Pilot
Private Pilot
Commercial Pilot
Air Transport Pilot
Instructor (CFI)(CFII)(MEI)
High Performance
High Altitude
Flight review (BFR)
Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)
Additional Training:
Emergency Procedures
Mountain Flying Techniques
Spin Training
Multi-engine Conversion
Advanced Airspace Training D, C, B
Pilot Maintenance awareness
Why Pacific is different?
Pacific firmly believes that where you learn to fly will greatly influence success as a pilot. We invite you to learn about us, interview our pilots and ask questions. Below are a few of the areas that Pacific believes are important to a flight school.
Our flight staff is comprised of pilots that love to fly. All of our pilots have hundreds of hours of flight time. All of our flight staff hold aviation related 4 year degrees. All Pacific flight instructors have flight licenses such as CFI, and CFII. Our flight staff will be here for you! Meet our staff by clicking here.

Fly 7 days a week. We do not charge extra for early or late flights. Fly on your schedule. Our rental aircraft are available 24 hours a day.

Flight Environment
Pacific Aviation NW offers personalized training in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Located at the Grants Pass Airport which is a public airport served by a GPS-A approach. Tower experience is easily accessible within a short flight. Our students enjoy minimal taxi and delay times, giving you less waited time and more time in the air.

With an in house maintenance facility, our aircraft keep flying. Our aircraft are maintained to commercial standards and all records are available for student viewing. We believe that proper maintenance is a key factor in safe flight. All of our aircraft may be used for IFR training. Also for IFR training our Elite PCATD simulator is approved by the FAA for up 20 hours of Instrument training. We also offer Ground School for students wishing to supplement the pilot training process.

We Rent the following training aircraft
Cessna 152 (two seat primary trainer)
Cessna 172 (4 seat trainer)
*sport pilot training requires the student to provide their own aircraft. Pacific Aviation does not rent aircraft small enough to meet the sport pilot classification.

Charters Available

Toll Free 855-7-PACJET
541-690-TAXI (8294)
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